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Collections  start  at  $550.  Most  clients  pay  between  $600-$1000.   Email  me  for  detailed  pricing.

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First, let me just say "Please don't try to coordinate your clothes or have everybody in white or khakis, and please don’t have everyone matching one another." Wear the clothes you feel you look good in but, more importantly, wear what you feel great in!


I don't pose you. I don't work with props, or backgrounds or special lighting. Sessions in home may require moving some light furniture, opening curtains/blinds or doors to gain the best natural light possible. I'll talk with you before we start and a little bit during to find out about your family and how I can best highlight your story. But I try to remain in background. I may ask you to face a certain direction or move to an area where the lighting is better but other than that I just like for my subjects to do what they normally do every day. I may interact with you at times while I'm shooting, to help you relax and draw out personalities.


I love my families to talk, interact, snuggle and laugh. Right before we finish, I usually take two or three posed photos which many clients like to send to relatives. But really I just want the family to have fun. It really helps to plan an activity that captures who your family is and what you mean to each other. Sessions can be done anywhere. We can make beautiful images and amazing memories anywhere. It's the people, the relationships that matter.


I believe in this kind of authentic style of photography so strongly and I want to help you realize that every day in your REAL life is beautiful, unique, priceless and should be preserved beyond a smartphone or in "the Cloud" or in digital files on a computer. And not just on special occasions but the normal everyday, with normal everyday activities. This is why I always advise my clients to consider an album as part of their collection. What better way to capture your life story than in a book? Your story is happening now; in every moment. It's those stories I believe should be told. So let's get started telling yours!

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When your images are ready, I will contact you to schedule your fusion slideshow (fusion of video and photographs) viewing and ordering session. The images are meant to fuse into the story, and storytelling is best presented in one of the Impact or layflat books, offered by Donne Avan Photography documentaries. Collections start at $550. Most clients pay between $600-$1000. Email me for pricing details.


Documentary Storytelling Photographer specializing in family life documentaries to create real images that highlight your life stories including the path from maternity to newborn and births. Keeping the memories of the most precious and fleeting moments in your life as a parent. Based in Hampton, Virginia. ALL IMAGES © DONNE AVAN PHOTOGRAPHY 2010-2015. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.