You're probably thinking "umm..what is that exactly"?

Virginia is flooded with extraordinary photographers especially in Hampton Roads.  I'll admit they take beautiful pictures of families, children, and babies. And those photographers have the formula for those lovely images perfected to a science. You meet at a beautiful park, field, or studio; you wear matching clothes you bought just for the shoot whether or not it was in this month's budget, and then you plead and fight with your kids to "Smile at the camera for just one moment, PLEASE!"..."Stop complaining and let's just get through this, for heaven's sake!"The pictures are perfect, but they don't tell a story do they? It shows what your family looked like and which clothes were in fashion at the time and those kind of photographs have importance I agree. You need a holiday portrait with the kids smiling to send to friends and family. I get it. 

The thing is, I want to show you that there's another kind of photograph and I believe it's one that you will cherish the most in about 15-20 years from now. Photographs that will take you back to what your life looked like AND what it FELT like! The hilarious grins on the faces of your children jumping on the trampoline in the backyard. The adorable way your toddler stood on his tip-toes to peek over the countertop as you prepared his favorite blueberry pancakes. Or how about family Game Nights?!!! My mom kept albums when I was growing up. And they told the stories of each family member as well as the family as a whole. There are photos of my sister and I practicing our ballet steps, me sitting at my old piano, me lying sick in told the story. Your everyday moments may seem routine and hum drum now, but one day they will become precious memories. And how awesome would it be not to spend your session time begging your family to stand like a statue and smile for the camera.  And realizing that you can be free from spending the extra money and time finding the perfect matching outfits for everyone to wear? Simply put, you can just be...YOU.

Your REAL life is unique, priceless and should be preserved beyond the smartphone or in "the Cloud" or in digital files on a computer. And not just on special occasions but the normal everyday, with normal everyday activities. Your story is happening now; in every moment.

It's those stories I believe should be told. Let's start telling yours.


We’ll start planning your session by talking about your family;  the places you like to go and the things you all like to do together and individually. You might have a son or daughter who loves skateboarding or has a unique hobby. Maybe your husband or wife is active in a sports activity or club. These are things I love to know because they help me to capture the story of YOU. Sessions will take place at your home or in a location that is special to your family. And you don’t need to clean as though your mother-in-law were coming to visit. Your home should look like you really live there so just clear off countertops and remove some of the clutter and we are ready to go! I want you to feel comfortable as if I’m just a fly on the wall simply observing the things you do every day. I may give a little direction on the best lighting or activities as we go along but you’ll never hear me say, “smile for the camera!” Also, don’t worry...I’ll get that “Holiday Portrait” moment too if you wish lol!

So are you ready yet? Reach out to me and let's set a time to talk! I’m excited to hear from you.