A Weekend with my Dad

As some of you may know, my family suffered a great loss three months ago with the passing of my sweet, beautiful mother. Since that time the family has been rallying around my Dad. My Mom's brother and his wife have opened their home to him in Herndon, Virginia, just a few hours away. It's such a blessing to my sister and I because we know that my Dad is being loved and looked after in the best possible way. So this weekend, my daughter and I drove to Richmond where my Aunt and Uncle were attending a wedding and I got to spend time with Dad. We laughed a lot and I'm so happy to see that he's adjusting well. Here's some photos from our weekend...love you Dad!




















Donne Avan Photography
Thanks so much Kel! He is a doll. I can't believe I'm at this point where my mom is gone (for now) and my Dad is with me for just a little while longer.
Oh Donna, I am tearing up!! You are so beautiful and your dad is such a doll....Sending you both lots of love! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos. <3
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