That's Entertainment!

One of my favorite shows just got canceled...Why do they do this to me? Why?


I try to keep my time watching TV or movies in a reasonable balance. But I must say, there are certain movies & shows that I can binge on! I get so happy when I come across shows that are not only entertaining, but well written, well acted and overall well done. So I have decided to start a reoccurring blog series about the shows and movies I find to be really enjoyable. Throughout the series, I'll also be looking at favorite scenes or favorite episodes, series finales, favorite performances, etc. You may not always see your favorites discussed, but it doesn't mean I don't like it, I just like other shows more. With that said, my first post is about a great TV show that has recently suffered a terrible miscarriage of justice by ABC.


1. Black Box

I can't believe they canceled this show! And even worse, the season finale was a CLIFFHANGER! I'm so disappointed that not enough people had time to find out about this gem! The past few decades have given us many shows focused around medical teams/medical emergencies (ER, Grey's Anatomy, House,..) But this show brings a twist that has been a really happy surprise in my TV-viewing experience. The show centers around Dr. Catherine Black who is a brilliant neuroscientist, renowned around the globe for her ground-breaking theories and techniques in the mysteries of the mind. But she's protecting secrets that could ruin her professionally, personally, and mentally if discovered. Dr. Black is bipolar and functioning well.... until she's not. And the consequences are dire as we watch her walk the thin line between intellectual brilliance and physical imbalance. I find her story fascinating and actor, Kelly Reilly, gives a stellar performance as Catherine. I'm hooked on this show and am praying that it finds its way back to TV for another season on somebody's network.
Are you interested yet? Meet Dr. Black: