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Donne Avan Photography & Design offers professional editing services for photographers. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice still learning or a seasoned professional. The end goal for everyone is the same: to deliver high quality images that represent your style and that clients will fall instantly in love with! LET ME HELP YOU deliver high quality images to your clients that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider outsourcing:

  1. Your time is valuable. Evaluate how much time is actually spent on the computer, editing sessions. Do you enjoy it? Or, do you find yourself loving every minute of shooting a session but dread the tedious tasks of culling and editing images. Be honest with yourself. To better understand your value as a photographer read this.

  2. Deliver images sooner rather than later. I am sure you’ve dealt with a client (or two) that is so excited after a session that they then proceed to message you over and over again, asking to see the photos. And the truth is, you haven’t even culled their gallery yet. Yes, a longer wait is expected for weddings, because you are shooting over 1,000+ images for an entire day. But, if you have a client waiting months to view a 60-minute portrait session, you my friend are in the editing weeds! 

  3. Build a partnership.  Asking for help is not easy especially when you are trying to grow your business. Trust me I know. We are all in the same boat. Reach out when things get rough, like being behind in edits or troubles with print vendors. There are professionals, like me, that are ready and willing to help you! 



  • Image Culling-sort and select the best images to show your clients. 

  • Basic Color Correction-images are corrected for color, white balance, exposure and cropping.

  • Photoshop Edits-Photoshop enhancement of images such as blemish removal, skin smoothing, and teeth whitening. Advanced manipulation of images such as: clean up and removal of objects in the background, extend backdrops, and head swaps.

  • Fine Art Edits-Creative artistic enhancements of images such as vintage edits, black and white edits, filters, textures and composites.




Edits-$25 You have culled your images but need help applying presets. Send me up to 100 images and I will apply your presets or edit the images with your specific style.


Culling & Edits-$50 You need help culling images and applying edits. Send me all of the images (up to 100) and I will cull and apply your presets or edit them to your specific style.


Apply Enhancements-$2/image Add on Photoshop enhancements to your images: skin smoothing; blemish removals, and teeth whitening.

Apply Advanced Manipulations-$5/image Add on Photoshop advanced manipulations to your images: cleanup the backgrounds, extend backdrops, removal of objects, and head swaps.

Apply Fine Art Edits – $45 Select up to 10 images that will receive Fine Art edits.


Add Extra Images-$0.25/image

One Time Special Request Edit-$25/image Find yourself in an emergency with a specific image and need it fixed right away, then let me help you! 

Wedding Edits-$450 The wedding is over, good job! Now, let me finish the work for you. Send me all the images and I will cull and apply your presets or edit them to your specific style. Wedding edits include courtesy: Photoshop enhancements and manipulations.



Design Pricing | Professional Editing Services For Photographers


Storyboard Template-$25 Select up to 10 images to be used in a custom designed template for your clients.

Card Design-$20 Select up to 6 images to be used in a custom designed card for your clients. Cards are double sided: Front and back. Perfect for the Holiday Cards, Baby Announcements and High School Senior Sessions!

FB Timeline-$5 Select up to 3 images to be used in a custom designed FB Timeline for your clients.


  1. Let’s chat either by email, text, in-person or video call to learn about your style and specific needs.

  2. Send me 3 free “test” images. I will edit them to match your style. Look them over, and if you are satisfied with my work, then let’s begin!

  3. Submit your Editing Request and pay your invoice online.

  4. All requests are completed and delivered within 7 to 14 business days. Need your images sooner? No problem! Edits can be rushed for an additional fee, just ask.




Q: How do I send my images?

A: You can send your images online via Google Drive, Dropbox or email me your LR Catalog with Smart Previews. Or, you can drop off your memory cards and/or flash drive(s). 


Q: How will I receive the images when they are finished?

A: I will upload the files to our shared Google Drive folder, Dropbox or email you the LR Catalog.

Q: What if I only use actions in my editing, how can you use them too?  

A: I will need to get some more info about the actions first, but yes I can apply them to your images for you! 

Q: Do you give refunds?


A: Due to the nature of my services, I do not give refunds. Just as your time is valuable mine is too. However, I will do my best to come to a solution should an issue arise. 


Thank you for your business!