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Why invest in Newborn Photography?

It’s a great question and one I hear a LOT. I have some points to share that I think will help those “on the fence” to see if it’s truly worth the investment for them. Newborn photography has become much more popular over the last five or ten years, and I know there are questions about whether it is right for your family and worth the investment.


1. The short answer to this question is that your baby is a work of art. YOUR work of art, and I am here to photograph that for you, and provide you with the most gorgeous products to showcase your newborn in your home! 

2. You have waited and prayed for this sweet baby for nine months and now they are here. That sweet, tiny newborn is going to develop VERY fast and you'll see him or her change almost over night. It's such a precious stage of life as you bond with your newborn and fall truly, madly, deeply in love!

3. I've seen Moms ask a friend to take pictures or they may try to take pictures themselves. There are times when that is good enough, of course, but true professional newborn photography is a learned skill. I focus on safety first for the baby, and then I work my magic. Each newborn I photograph is a gift from God. They are precious to you. Likely, the most precious thing you'll ever experience so I don't take it lightly when a family chooses me as their photographer. I really regret not getting more professional photographs of my daughter taken when she was a newborn.

Many years from now, how do you want to remember your newborn learning to smile, to turn over, to crawl, to walk? Is it through digital files alone or through beautiful prints on your walls and stunning professional albums to share and pass down through the family? What is your family history like….did your parents have a wedding album, or do you wish they did? My parents did and I can't tell you how much it means to me to be able to see them and feel as if I was actually there!

(My Mom and Dad at their wedding in Union Springs, Al on March 26, 1966) These just tug at my heart each time!

4. Choosing to begin building your family is just as important as your wedding day or maybe even more! One day when your babies are all grown up and starting their own families the nostalgia of this newborn stage will overwhelm you with emotion. Making the decision to take professional, high quality photographs that will last decades and beyond is such as special way to cherish those moments all over again. So many parents reach that milestone and wish they had invested more effort (and yes, money) into collecting and preserving the amazing days when your baby was so tiny and cuddly . Can you imagine the heartache when at age 70 it dawns on you, “where did those digital files go from our baby’s newborn session”, and realizing you have no idea where to find them. I want you to have portraits and albums to admire and looked through whenever you want to remember those amazing days!

5. Why is newborn photography so expensive? For one thing, professional photographers train themselves over the years to work with families and newborns and we have developed the skill and patience it takes to create a successful newborn session. Sometimes sessions can run up to three or four hours, because I'm dedicated to getting the images I need to create a well-rounded, beautiful gallery for you to chose from. Babies can be fussy sometimes and we just have to wait on them which takes time and much patience. I stop for baby to have time with Mom to snuggle or take a little extra milk to settle them down.

Another reason for such an investment in professional newborn photography is quality. That is something each client should demand and receive from their investment of time and money. My clients find quality in my knowledge and education and the camera gear I use to create their images and the quality in the end products (prints, wall portraits, albums, acrylics, metals, printable high resolution digital files). I'm committed to this mission of providing excellence in quality and service to each of my clients. I'm here to serve you and excited to work with each new member of the DAP Tribe! #dap_tribe #donneavanphotography #newportnewsvirginiaphotography #familyphotographerinnewportnews #pregnancyphotos #motherhood

If you would like to learn more about my newborn photography services, I'd love to chat with you and answer any questions you may have. Please click here to contact me and I'll get in touch with you soon

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